Agile CRM Review

flag Sales, Marketing & Customer Service in 1 Place
  • Intuitive UI

  • Comprehensive sales pipeline

  • Seamless integrations

  • Enhanced sales processes

Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive features on free package offer startups the opportunity to enjoy CRM services.
  • Intuitive interface, easy to use even for beginners
  • Automated sales pipeline system makes it easier to close deals
  • Starter package users can access only one integration feature

Plans & Pricing

There are four main Agile CRM packages for businesses to choose from:


A robust set of features are available with the free plan:

  • For a maximum of 10 users
  • 1000 companies and contacts
  • Customized data fields
  • Lead scoring feature
  • Tasks, documents and deals are unlimited
  • Allows for appointment scheduling
  • Email tracking
  • 5000 branded emails
  • Web to lead
  • Email support only


This plan starts at $8.99 per user per month and gives you all the Free plan features plus:

  • 2-way email integration
  • Social monitoring
  • Marketing automation
  • Email and phone support
  • 3 plugins


This plan costs $29.99 per user per month and includes all the Starter plan features as well as:

  • 2-way telephony
  • Mobile marketing
  • More than 50 plugins and integrations


The Enterprise plan is $47.99 per user per month and has all the same features as the Regular plan plus:

  • Post-call automation
  • Automated voicemails
  • Call recording
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Onboarding coach

The pricing plans are reasonable, starting at a much lower point than most competitors while offering similar features. The free plan is particularly convenient as it has attractive features and allows up to 10 users for an unlimited period of time.



Agile CRM is a tool designed for small and medium-sized business operations that came into existence in 2013. It has 120 team members and a customer base of more than 9,000. The tool has a focus on sales and marketing, providing lots of handy features to automate business processes and make them more effective.


  • "Price"
    9 /10
  • "Features"
    8 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    8 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    7 /10

Features and Functionality

Unique Features

All-Inclusive App

One of the most highly touted features of Agile CRM is that it allows users to run almost all their business-related applications from within the system. These include email services, phone marketing, and even social networking campaigns. Social media is more interactive than most other platforms and this feature taps into that potential.

Gamified Sales Process

Agile CRM seeks to increase the efficiency of sales processes like lead conversion and generation of revenue using gamification. Sales gamification is a proven tool that helps jump-start sales teams, and motivate employees. Using this system, team members are encouraged to collaborate as well as enjoy healthy competition so as to improve overall performance. It also helps them maintain focus as every activity, however small, counts in the total score. Users can view the custom leaderboard to check their real-time performance stats as compared to their teammates.

Customer-Scheduled Appointments

This software takes the drag out of the process of scheduling appointments. Instead of having to write a lengthy email to get a lead to give you an appointment, it uses an automated system for increased simplicity. All you have to do is fill in relevant details on a personal scheduling page, place the calendar on the website, and link in individual email addresses in an automated email campaign. This will prompt promising leads to come to you instead of the other way around, allow them to pick a date and time that is convenient for them. These events can be added automatically to your Agile calendar or Google calendar.

Deployment and Access

Agile is a cloud-based platform that is accessible on Windows and MacOS, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. It also works with all web browsers.

Ease of Use

Using Agile CRM is quite easy, as it provides an organized dashboard that is easy on the eye. It has a prominent search bar at the top as well as links to tasks and your calendar for easy access. The “New” button allows users to easily add new contacts or tasks. Another convenient button on the right collapses the side bar widening the dashboard for additional convenience.

All-in-all, the system is user-friendly and does not have a steep learning curve. Enterprise package users enjoy the advantage of an onboarding coach to guide them when setting up.

Contacts & Users

Contact management

Contact management on Agile is quite intuitive. It offers numerous importing options, including from Google contacts, Salesforce, CSV files, Stripe, Shopify, Quickbooks, and Freshbooks. The feature also comes with handy filters that allow you to quickly identify relevant contacts by hiding the rest.

Lead management and sales pipeline

The lead management aspect of the system offers great organization features that make work easier. There are separate columns for existing leads that have a handy drag-and-drop functionality for easy updates. One downside is that you can’t customize the names. These columns have fixed names like New, Prospect, Proposal, Won, and Lost. These titles cannot be altered and the columns cannot be reduced or increased for customization purposes.

The system also automates the sales pipeline allowing reps to close deals more quickly. The lead nurturing process is easier and faster, which means that sales reps have an easier time closing deals. It uses auto-responders that are based on contact or time actions to achieve this using multiple channels including social media.

Reporting & Integrations

The software boasts a comprehensive reporting system with highly professional graphs and charts. It offers statistics related to employee performance, campaigns, deals and general growth, among others. The data displayed is detailed enough to enable a business operator make informed decisions and alter processes when necessary.

Reports are customizable, allowing users to select criteria and view the exact set of data required. The software also offers a scheduled report delivery option for consistent periodic analyses of any given business statistics. A variety of integrations are available for the premium and enterprise users.

Customer support

The level of support offered depends on the package. Free users only have access to email support, while the other packages also have a phone support option that is accessible around the clock, from Monday to Friday. The Enterprise users will enjoy having a dedicated account rep, available 24/7.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    There is 24/5 email and phone support available to all users, regardless of package.
  • Phone Support
    Phone support is available from 09:00am to 05:00pm EST Monday to Friday.
  • Live Online Chat
    There is live chat support right on the website.
  • Email
    There is 24/5 email support available to all users regardless of package.
  • Video Tutorials
    There are a couple of video tutorials both on their website and YouTube.
  • FAQ
    There is a comprehensive FAQ section covering a wide array of topics ranging from business, sales, and marketing management to product specifics.
  • Community Forum
    There is an active community forum.
  • Blog
    The blog is updated around 3 times a week and features topics like how to improve your marketing and sales efforts, as well as some product related topics.

Final Word

Agile CRM software is an all-inclusive tool that covers the various aspects of customer relations management relatively well. It has a focus on maximizing sales by incorporating a gaming process into sales activities to encourage team cooperation and competition. This approach, coupled with the efficient reporting system, places business owners at an advantage as it streamlines business operations and improves efficiency.

In spite of the shortcoming in terms of customization options, it is a thorough and effective CRM tool that can help small and medium businesses to reach their full potential.

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