Active Campaign Review

flag Handle leads automatically to stay focused
  • Premade email templates

  • Great automation features

  • Seamless integrations

  • Fully customizable sales workflow

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Huge collection of email templates
  • Rich automation features
  • Doesn’t have an iOS app

Plans & Pricing

You can sign up for a free ActiveCampaign 14-day trial, and once you have tried it out, you can choose one of the following available packages. The thing to note about these packages is that the prices change depending on how many contacts you have. You can have a minimum of 500 contacts, and once you hit 100,000 contacts, you will need to be in touch with ActiveCampaign for a customized quote.


The Lite package costs $9/month for 500 contacts and is billed annually. With this package, you get unlimited sending, marketing automation, email marketing, chat, and email support and can have up to 3 users.


The Plus package is $49/month for 12 months and is billed annually. You get all the Lite package features as well as deep data integrations, SMS marketing, custom domain, custom branding, and up to 25 users.


The Professional package contains everything from the plus package and costs $129/month (billed annually). Additional features include site messaging, attribution and up to 50 users.


The Enterprise package is well suited for larger companies and it costs $229/month (charged every year). Along with all the professional package features, you get in-depth onboarding, phone support, free social data, uptime SLA and unlimited users. When you consider the rich set of features that ActiveCampaign provides, we consider its pricing policy to be quite reasonable.



ActiveCampaign is a modern CRM tool with a user-friendly interface intended to make the lives of small businesses easier. It combines many features like social media marketing, email management, contact management, and marketing automation in a simple platform.


  • "Price"
    9 /10
  • "Features"
    8 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    9 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    7 /10

Features and Functionality

Seamless integrations

ActiveCampaign CRM integrates seamlessly with your personal email account, marketing, and automations. It doesn’t matter whether you use Gmail, Outlook or any other service provider, you can see all your sent/received emails without having to toggle between applications. This allows you to keep track of everything going on across multiple channels from within your CRM.

Complete sales automation

With the CRM you can automate the nurturing, advancement and closing of deals. By creating your own sales process comprised of manual and automated touches, you are able to generate the best possible sales experience for your company and of course, for your customer.

Advanced contact management

Whether you want to list the complete history of a specific contact or filter out a specific group of contacts/leads, you can do it all with the advanced contact management features of ActiveCampaign CRM.

Sales flow customization

ActiveCampaign provides its customers with the ability to customize sales flows. You can set different sales stages, tasks and customized pipelines to ensure that you generate leads faster.

Advanced deal management

You can use intuitive drag-and-drop features to move deals from one stage to another during your bid to close them off.

Ease of Use

ActiveCampaign is loaded with drag-and-drop features that are very user-friendly and intuitive. There is no real learning curve, even if you haven’t used a CRM before. Toggling between screens, setting up campaigns, choosing templates, automating your sales pipeline is also quite simple.

Contacts & Users

ActiveCampaign comes with powerful search and filtering features that allow you to manage your past, current, and prospective contacts with ease. You can group contacts depending on the amounts of purchases and responses. Using pertinent details like interactions, interests, behaviors and response times, you can generate lead scores for each user and eventually be able to treat them differently.

Reporting & Integrations

Active Campaign offers quite a lot of flexibility and critical information when it comes to reporting. Users get the option to access detailed deal reports, review the performance of any automation they have established (emails, notifications, deal closing procedures, etc.), evaluate the overall effectiveness of the automated campaigns, look through detailed information concerning tags and cumulative campaign statistics, etc. There is also a high level of customization involved, allowing users to create their own custom reports regarding any specific data required.

When it comes to integrations, there are very few vendors that can outclass Active Campaign. The software can easily be integrated with over 150 tools including accounting, analytics, e-commerce, lead generation, sales, social media, customer support, and a bunch more sets. The complete list of supported apps can be found on their website.

Customer support

ActiveCampaign offers limited support mainly via phone, live chat, email and a couple of training services. The support isn’t too responsive either; it takes around 24 hours to process a request regardless of the channel by which you contact them.

  • Phone Support
    It’s available to all users regardless of package via a toll-free number or an international line.
  • Live Online Chat
    The live chat option is available to all users.
  • Email
    There is an option for all users to email the support team.
  • Video Tutorials
    There are a number of video tutorials available on YouTube.
  • FAQ
    There is a comprehensive FAQ section covering a huge number of topics.
  • Community Forum
    There is a moderately active community forum.
  • Blog
    It’s updated roughly 3 times a week and features articles on how to improve your marketing efforts.

Final Word

ActiveCampaign is a CRM that combines a rich set of features like marketing automation, sales automation, contact management, report generation and email marketing in a simple-to-use, aesthetically pleasing interface. It’s available in different packages as well to be able to suit the needs of businesses of different sizes.

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