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Overview is a project management company founded in 2012. The company is considered one of the most popular team productivity tools on the market. One of the many features they offer is a CRM functionality, which allows you to add a CRM board to your project management boards, and manage your prospects in a very visual interface that is not common with other typical CRMs. As an overall product for small to large businesses, has created a comprehensive tool with a wide range of features to meet various needs in an organization, making it a top choice in recent years. Though not necessarily a CRM tool at its base, it can be a great option for some businesses.

Plans & Pricing offers a basic-level free package with limited features. This includes a CRM, which is added as a board to your user interface. Additional features are available in the paid packages, which include many project and team management capabilities as well.


This plan starts at $25/month for 5 users. Features include:

  • Unlimited team boards
  • Basic search
  • Full collaboration, messaging, notifications, and Wiki boxes
  • Native iOS and Android apps
  • 5GB of storage
  • Basic people filter


This plan starts at $39/month for 5 users. Features include all of the Basic features, plus:

  • Shareable boards with guest access
  • 4 guests cost as much as 1 regular users
  • Timeline
  • Advanced cross-board & file search
  • Advanced board filters
  • External integrations
  • Basic usage stats
  • 50GB of storage
  • Priority support
  • Send emails to the Monday app
  • Full API


The Pro plan starts at $59/month for 5 users. Features include all of the Standard features, plus:

  • Private boards with restricted access
  • Unlimited guests
  • Google authentication
  • Advanced usage and engagement stats
  • Unlimited storage
  • 24/7 support
  • User profile customization


This plan starts at $118/month for 5 users. Features include all Pro features, plus:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Audit log
  • Advanced security features
  • Higher API rate limit
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Personal training for team members

In all of the packages, if you have over 200 users, you will need to contact the sales team to get a customized quote.

All packages are billed monthly, annually, or every 2 years. The annual packages include an 18% discount, and the 2-year packages include a 32% discount. In addition, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

$25 per 5 users/month
$39 per 5 users/month
$59 per 5 users/month
$118 per 5 usesr/month

Features and Functionality

Great design

One of the things that makes Monday’s CRM different from others is the way it’s designed. CRMs are usually list-based and look very much like Excel sheets. This can be very dull for some, and make it difficult to identify certain types of leads or prospects. With, the CRM design includes a color scheme and multiple tables on one screen with different colors and titles, allowing you to easily understand which leads are at which stage, and if any have open action items with a quick glance. The overall design is great for people who work visually.

Drag-and-drop functionality

Leads can be moved to different locations within a table or moved to a different table entirely by simply dragging and dropping them with one click. Once again, this is very unique to and makes it very easy and fast to move leads between different tables based on the stage they’re in.

Project management tool

The CRM is part of the company’s main project management tool and acts as another board you add to your interface, just as you would add a project board. This helps companies keep everything in one place, instead of working from different platforms to manage projects and prospects.

Ease of Use

Because the CRM has a very intuitive and colorful drag-and-drop interface, it is very easy to use and understand. The design clearly shows how to add contacts and columns to your list, and how to edit and move your contacts.

After signing up it can be a bit confusing to understand where the CRM actually is, since you get the main project management tool when you sign up for the first time. When you open the program you’ll see that the CRM board is called “Lead Management.” Once you start playing around with, you’ll see that everything else is very simple.

Contacts & Users

The free version of the CRM allows only one user. If additional users are needed, you need to choose one of the paid packages available based on the features and number of users you need.

In terms of contacts in your CRM – there doesn’t appear to be any limit to how many you can add, even in the free version.

Reporting & Integrations

While Monday doesn’t offer traditional, automatically generated reports that most vendors do, it is designed in a way to allow any user to custom craft any specific report that he or she needs. The reports are very flexible and can help visualize both the big picture and little project-related details. For instance, you can create reports that focus on team performance or an individual team member’s progress, track a specific user’s effectiveness across multiple projects or take a detailed look at the detailed overview of single or multiple projects at once.

The software doesn’t offer a whole lot in terms of integrations, so if this aspect is really important for you, consider everything carefully. Having said that, there are a number of tools that Monday can seamlessly be integrated with including Google Drive, Trello, Slack, Asana, Google Callendar, Jira, DropBox and Microsoft Excel.

Pros & Cons

  • Very easy to use
  • Great intuitive design
  • Unique features
  • Limited features
  • Costly for small teams

Customer support

Support can be accessed from the interface when you’re logged in by clicking the question mark at the bottom right. From the interface, you can join a webinar to learn more about what you can do with’s product, you can check existing FAQs, send a support ticket, or watch an introductory training tutorial. On the website’s support page, you’ll also find articles, and information on webinars, and can contact support via chat, phone, or email.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    There is 24/7 support available to all users.
  • Phone Support
    Phone support available to all users, regardless of package.
  • Live Online Chat
    There is a live chat option.
  • Email
    There is an option for all users to email the support team.
  • Video Tutorials
    There are a number of videos available on YouTube.
  • FAQ
    The FAQ covers basic and advanced software-related issues.
  • Blog
    The blog covers both app-related and project management aspects.

Final Word

Overall, if you don’t want overly complicated CRM features and integrations, is a great choice and completely free to try out. It’s great for companies of all sizes, but is more suitable for CRM with short lists that are easily managed with a visual interface. The drag-and-drop feature differentiates it from other CRMs. It is a great choice, especially when you can use it seamlessly with their project management tool for your entire team.

Wess Derryl

Wess runs his own marketing and sales consulting firm, where he helps SMBs grow their marketing and sales efforts. He specializes in helping companies deliver great email marketing campaigns and improving lead nurturing. Wess understand the positive effect that a streamlined CRM process can have on company sales.

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