Keap Review

Keap Review

flag Save time with full marketing automation
  • Engage customers with automated follow-up

  • Rated 9/10 for outstanding service

  • Smart Forms help you collect client data

  • Process payments directly in app

Pros & Cons

  • Full suite of tools for marketing and email automation
  • Simple contact management features
  • Clear look at all the deals in your pipeline
  • Shopping cart and check out pages are built in
  • Robust reporting features
  • The full range of reporting features are only on higher plans
  • It can be difficult to master because of all the features
  • Users need administrative permissions for some common tasks

Plans & Pricing

Keap has three main pricing plans. All plans come with 500 contacts and one user but you can increase the limits by purchasing additional space for contacts or users. The plans themselves are divided based on features.

Keap Grow: This is the entry level plan and starts at $79/m. It gives you access to the core CRM features such as contact management, segmentation, lists, tasks, and basic web forms. You’re also able to access the quoting feature, set appointments, and choose a mobile number for call management. The plan also includes email marketing features, invoicing, and the ability to accept one-time payments. Oddly, this plan doesn’t come with reporting.

Keap Pro: It’s a step up from the entry level plan and starts at $149/m. It has everything in Keap Grow but expands it with landing pages, sales pipeline, email split testing, recurring payments, smart forms, campaign builder (for automating workflows and marketing), and pipeline automation. This is the first plan with access to the reporting feature.

Infusionsoft: This is the highest price tier and starts at $199/m. It’s targeted at larger teams or agencies and has everything in the preceding plans plus more advanced features. It includes lead scoring and a customizable dashboard but lacks the appointment feature and phone line. It makes up for it with a shopping cart, optimized checkout pages, custom user roles, and affiliate management.

The first two plans are targeted at smaller service businesses that rely heavily on the CRM to manage clients in a more personal relationship. The highest tier is focused around automation and acquiring customers at scale.

Keap is pricier than many CRMs on the market. It has a flat fee of $30 per each additional user while the cost for more contacts is variable.

Keap Grow
$79 per month
Keap Pro
$149 per month
$199 per month


Founded in 2001 by Scott and Eric Martineau alongside their partner Clate Mask as Infusionsoft, it changed its name to Keap and has grown into a juggernaut in the email marketing and CRM space. It has an estimated revenue of over $100 million dollars a year but hasn’t abandoned its small business customers for greener pastures.

Instead, it has developed a product suite bundled together with its CRM that makes sales and marketing seamless for customers. It’s ideal for service-based small and medium-sized businesses that want to automate repetitive tasks and improve efficiency.


  • "Price"
    7 /10
  • "Features"
    9 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    9 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    9 /10

Features and Functionality

Keap comes with the core features of a CRM that’ll help you close more deals in a shorter amount of time. Store contacts, add notes, estimate deal size, and use custom data fields. It’s unique because it’s also a fully-fledged email marketing automation and shopping cart tool. Due to all the features, it can be complicated for new users but the company provides training which varies in cost depending on the plan you choose.

It has a mobile app for you to manage contacts, make calls, etc. on the go. Keap is a saas solution without an on-premise deployment option so keep that in mind when evaluating it.

Email marketing

When Keap was still Infusionsoft, one of the core features was its email marketing suite. You’re able to set up email sequences that move a prospect from curious to paying customer. This is done by combining high delivery rates, beautiful templates, segmentation, A/B testing, and clear reporting. In addition to the many features, you’re able to lean on intelligent algorithms to further optimize your campaigns.

Shopping cart

Keap has an advanced shopping cart which consists of two parts – the storefront and the checkout page. They’re flexible and can be used to create sales funnels with upsells, downsells, thank you pages, and more. Create and manage as many products as you want and find the best offers for your target market.

Landing pages

Landing pages are an essential part of any company conducting business online. Keap has a simple landing page builder with multiple professional-looking templates. It’s possible to quickly spin up high converting pages, embed your smart web forms, and segment your new leads all in one go.

Marketing automation

It allows you to automate a large part of the sales and marketing tasks you’d normally do. Move people through the pipeline with automated texts and emails. Update your data within Keap once certain conditions are met, automatically assign tasks to your team, and even initiate actions based on what your prospects do.

Ease of Use

There’s no denying the fact that Keap is an expansive tool. It has CRM, landing pages, sales pipeline management, and email marketing features. Because of this, it can be difficult to master it. Though some of the sections should be familiar to you if you’ve used CRMs or email marketing services in the past, there’s still a steep learning curve and it’s easy to miss advanced features. There are training opportunities but they charge a fee to access it. Instead, you may want to use the resources provided on YouTube and in the help center.

Contacts & Users

Contact management is straightforward. When you click the menu option labeled contact, it shows you a list of all your contacts which can be sorted by date added, name, or email. You can also search for individual contacts or lists you’ve made. When you click on a contact, all the information you’ve gotten about them as well as your interactions performed are displayed.

The sales pipeline has a customizable dashboard and allows you to get a snapshot of all the deals you’re working on and their stage. You can drag and drop each deal to the proper place. On the main pipeline interface, you can see all your tasks, appointments, and reports related to your sales.

Reporting & Integrations

The reporting in Keap can get granular – especially if you’re on the Infusionsoft plan. You can access email marketing, sales pipeline, marketing automation reports, and more. Many of the reports can be customized and further broken down by criteria such as lead source.

It has a wide range of integrations such as Instagpage, Outlook, and Gmail but, since it handles email marketing those integrations are absent. Depending on your plan, you can access the Keap API and build your own integrations.

Customer support

Keap has multiple channels customers can use to reach out to the support team. The response time is usually short and the reps are knowledgeable enough to solve your problem quickly.

  • Phone Support
    Phone support is available Monday to Friday 6AM - 7PM PDT
  • Live Online Chat
    Live chat support is available during the same hours as phone support
  • Email
    Email support is available for all customers.
  • Video Tutorials
    A large collection of video tutorials are available on YouTube.
  • FAQ
    Keap has a basic FAQ section to solve common issues
  • Community Forum
    There’s a community forum available which tends to deliver fast answers
  • Blog
    The blog covers company updates and all types of small business tips and tricks.

Final Word

Keap is a fully featured application that started life as a simple CRM but has since evolved into so much more. It combines email marketing automation, marketing automation, contact management, shopping cart, and sales pipelines under one roof.

It’s more expensive than many other CRM solutions on the market and if you only need a CRM then this tool may be too much. On the other hand, if you want a complete marketing and sales toolkit then this is the perfect choice. It has a relatively steep learning curve but if you stick with it then you’ll be happy you did. It’s a solid tool with a premium price tag that’ll be worth the investment if you give it enough effort.

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Frank Shreiber

Can I migrate data from an old CRM to this one?

You can manually migrate your data via file transfer, or through an automated migration tool such as Data2CRM, which transfers records fast and securely without the need for any programming or copy/pasting.
Nick Ofer

How easy is this system to master? We have a large team that can’t lose time using a new tool.

The main features won't be too hard to master for someone who has used other CRM systems before. However, it will take some learning to utilize the more advanced features. Luckily there are plenty of training videos and tools online to guide new users.
Sheridan O'neil

Can I access the system from my phone?

Yes, Keap has a mobile app.
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