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Pipedrive vs. Monday – Two Top Sales CRMs

Daniel Ndukwu 12/17/19 | | 5 Comments

The debate about which tool is the best sales CRM won’t come to an end any time soon because businesses have unique needs. A CRM (which stands for customer relationship management) is software that makes it easier to communicate with clients and prospects by storing...

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Using Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Customer Data for Follow Up

Daniel Ndukwu 11/25/19 | | 5 Comments

Black Friday and Cyber Monday signal the beginning of the holiday season and businesses that participate can expect an influx of new customers. With each sale, you get a wealth of customer data that can be used during the holiday season and beyond. This data...

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The Benefits of Using Mobile CRM Apps

Daniel Ndukwu 03/07/19 | | 5 Comments

Your CRM is an essential part of closing deals and keeping your customers happy. In today’s world, you’re no longer glued to your desk.  Work is much more fluid. In fact, the work never really ends. This presents a special challenge. How do you stay...

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CRM for Sales Teams: A Necessary Tool

Maab Saleem 10/21/18 | | 5 Comments

Sales agents like to be vigilant in their dealings with leads and customers. Their productivity is often dependent on their efficiency, more than anything else. This is why some sales teams frown at the concept of using a seemingly cumbersome software. They also assume that...

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How to Determine Your Customer Acquisition Cost

Pavel Aramyan 08/27/18 | | 5 Comments

With the growing amount of internet-based businesses and web-focused advertising, customer acquisition cost (CAC) has become a key metric for most companies nowadays. Only a decade ago, the best strategy to acquire new customers was to invest heavily in various marketing channels such as advertising,...

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Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Sales Emails

Darren Gordon 02/22/18 | | 5 Comments

If you think email marketing is dead, think again! With the right strategy that ensures your emails grab attention and promote action, email marketing is still one of the most productive and cost-effective forms of selling. The key here is to do them right! There...

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5 Tips for Onboarding New Sales Reps

Darren Gordon 02/16/18 | | 5 Comments

As a small business owner, hiring your first sales rep can seem extremely daunting. Not only do you need someone who you can trust with the time and money you’ll invest in them, but also someone who will be as passionate about your business as...

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Use a CRM to Track Leads and Boost Business

Merav Levkowitz 01/16/18 | | 5 Comments

Sometimes, running a business in 2018, whether large or small, can feel like an intense game of dodgeball. Clients and prospects can send emails, call, text, fill out contact forms on your site, chat with a live representative, and/or contact you via Twitter, Facebook, and...

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Streamline Your Sales Funnel with CRM

Darren Gordon 01/02/18 | | 5 Comments

The sales funnel is a vivid word picture that describes the sales process. The metaphor alludes to a real-world funnel that is widest at the top and gradually tapers down. This is similar to the potential customer journey as they move towards becoming actual buyers....

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