Santa’s CRM is Coming to Town

Alicia Schneider

Dec 03 2018

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Santa Claus is coming to town, and he’s more prepared than ever before. In 2018, Santa has learned that the only way to achieve holiday campaign success is to let a CRM handle the list-checking, sleigh-planning, toy management, and everything else. We’re pretty certain that The North Pole has implemented a highly-advanced CRM system to handle the colossal number of clients around the globe. We may not have the inside scoop on which CRM Santa is running, but we’re sure that he’s using it for these features:

Naughty or nice: scoring children made easy

How does one man figure out how millions of children have behaved over the last year? It would take a tremendous amount of elf-power to keep tabs on each one. That’s where the popular CRM scoring feature comes into play. This tool allows Santa to have his CRM system rank children by characteristics and behavior and sort them by their scores. This way, he can prioritize the ones who ate their veggies without complaints, made their beds, and did all their homework. In a glance, lead scoring allows Santa to see all the children who have been naughty and those that have been nice, and assign their gifts accordingly. This feature is also popular in Freshsales CRM, which is perfect for everyday use for businesses who are juggling multiple leads, like in the North Pole.

No need to check it twice: smart wishlists

Now that all the children are scored, it’s time to handle their wishlists. Gone are the days of elves delivering thousands of letters to Mr. Claus for him to pour over day and night. These days, Santa and his helpers load the wishlists directly into his powerful CRM system. That way, he can compare each letter and wishlist with the child’s score to see if they really are deserving of a new video game or the latest doll. Furthermore, Santa is moving towards getting children to send him their wishlists via email instead of the traditional letter. Going paperless is a crucial goal of his workshop, and living in the North Pole, he recognizes firsthand the importance of doing his part to save the planet.

Segmenting sleighs: simpler than ever

It’s a no-brainer that Santa has segmented his lists to ensure a smooth delivery on Christmas Eve. Aside from segmenting children by their score or wishlists, Santa also has to plan a route to visit every child in one night. The best way to do this is to segment based on location, time zone, addresses, and bed times. Next, Santa and his elves keep busy by creating toys based on these lists, finalizing the round-the-world route to the last minute, and loading the sleigh accordingly.

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Forecasting: here comes Santa Claus, on time and on schedule

Every Christmas is different in the North Pole. Toy production changes from year to year, as does route planning and children scoring. Over time, children grow up and stop believing in Santa, others switch from the ‘Naughty’ to ‘Nice’ list (and vice versa), and many children and their families move around. In order to stay ahead of all the changes, the elves make sure to create a yearly forecast to ensure the success of the holiday campaign. The forecast analyzes performance and adjusts estimates based on previous years, routes, toy production, and scores. This way, Santa has a smaller margin of error and can focus on the important thing: spreading holiday cheer. Of course, all Santa has to make sure of now is staying the course and not getting too distracted by say… delectable cookies or mommy waiting under the mistletoe. If you’d also like to forecast your upcoming holiday period like Santa does, we would suggest Zoho CRM.

Santa’s a busy man: mobile management

Just like the legend himself, Santa’s CRM doesn’t stop working when he leaves The North Pole. He needs to be able to keep track of all the data and last minute changes en route, which is why having a CRM that can be access by mobile is of the utmost importance. The elves who hang back to relax after a hectic holiday rush can keep track of any changes and let Santa know with a few simple clicks. Additionally, Santa can access maps, routes, toys, names, and everything else from his phone. So while his reindeer navigate him through the chilly night sky, he is still in full control of the campaign and can be quickly notified to switch routes when Frosty the Snowman makes an unannounced visit. Even if you’re not delivering gifts to millions of children, you can still benefit from on-the-go notifications, which amoCRM offers with their mobile app.

The Cloud: Not only good for a white Christmas

When you think of The Cloud in relation to the holidays, you probably think of a grey December sky, falling snowflakes, and Jack Frost nipping at your nose. However, to Santa, The Cloud is a powerful tool that allows him to store all this important data in one place that he can access from anywhere. With such sensitive information, Santa can’t afford to lose a single child’s profile or wishlist because of lack of storage space on his mobile device. Once children’s letters and profiles are stored in The Cloud, it also means that any one of Santa’s helpers can access them. This takes the burden off Mr. Claus and allows for a more productive work environment with better sharing and collaboration.

The Santa of the future

It would be impossible to go back to the days of pouring over paper letters, cross referencing presents with long Naughty or Nice lists, and planning an international delivery route without help. With the implementation of an advanced CRM system, he’s taken some of the pressure off himself and his team. Now, his CRM system is in charge of knowing when you’ve been sleeping, when you’re awake, or if you’ve been bad or good.

With all the pressure of the holidays, we decided to have a little fun with CRM tools. This article is a parody. However, if you find that your holiday planning can be better organized by implementing a new CRM tool, we won’t blame you.

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