The Benefits of Using Mobile CRM Apps

Daniel Ndukwu

Mar 07 2019

Your CRM is an essential part of closing deals and keeping your customers happy. In today’s world, you’re no longer glued to your desk.  Work is much more fluid. In fact, the work never really ends. This presents a special challenge. How do you stay productive and access important customer data when you’re on the go or away from your computer for extended periods?  The most effective solution would be to use mobile CRM apps.

A properly implemented mobile CRM app will not only improve your productivity, it will improve data quality and make sure more people hit their quotas. They make this possible by streamlining the interface and including the most important features such as contact management, activity logging, task management, account locator, and pipeline push notifications. Together, this gives you the ability to work efficiently without getting bogged down in the weeds.

This article takes a closer look at how mobile CRM apps help you become more productive no matter where you find yourself.

Must have features in a mobile CRM app

Before we dive into how they make you more productive, it’s important to understand the non-negotiable features.

The proper features with an intuitive interface will give you massive productivity gains. In fact, research by Innoppl technologies found that after adopting mobile sales CRM, 65% of sales reps hit their quota. Without it, only 22% of reps hit their quota. The research makes it clear that when you have the right mobile CRM, the benefits translate into tangible business results.

Features of the best mobile CRM apps

  • At the top of the list is your calendar. You should be able to understand what you have scheduled and add new items with a few taps.
  • You should be able to access your opportunity list and sales pipeline to stay on top of your leads as well as make changes as they occur.
  • Easy access to your contact list is essential.
  • You should be able to make calls or send emails from within the application.
  • It should come with the ability to add notes and update data related to your contacts.
  • Finally, your mobile CRM should allow you to collaborate with your team in real time.

Robust CRM systems like Pipedrive come with all these features and more right out the box.

Let’s look at the benefits you’ll receive and how they impact your productivity.

More accurate data

One of the biggest challenges with a desktop CRM is that you’re not always at your computer. Your business is fluid and meetings happen all the time. If you’re out of the office, then you’re disadvantaged in a number of ways:

  1. Your insights into the customer’s unique situation may not be as accurate.
  2. Inability to update contact records and deal flow in real time.
  3. There may be gaps in key information about products and services.

How would you normally solve this problem? You can take notes with you, memorize the product catalog, and try to update the CRM afterwards. None of these situations are ideal. This also adds extra work for you later in the day. With the right mobile CRM, this information is at your fingertips and you’re able to update contacts in real time.

Increased efficiency and productivity

How does your normal workflow look with a standard CRM app? If you’re anything like others who use them, it involves a lot of data entry after the fact. You’ll also have to take notes with you when you’re preparing for meetings.

That’s simply not an issue with a mobile solution. Since all the important information is available in your CRM app, you’ll be able to spend less time reviewing the data and more time focused on closing the deal.

An added benefit is the ability to quickly update contact information after a call, face-to-face meeting, or when your teammates give you a tip.

An example of a CRM app for iPhone and Android that excels in this aspect is Hubspot. It’s quite possibly the best free CRM app on the market. The interface was built to make it easy to focus on your business goals as opposed to learning a new piece of software.

Improved customer experience

This follows on the heels of increased productivity. Since you have access to customer data, you won’t be caught without important information. You also won’t need to copy down or review lots of notes before meetings which happen outside the office.

One challenge with sales is developing a relationship and making the prospect feel valued. A mobile CRM helps you bring that personal touch to the equation.

For example, if there was a major update to the contact and their situation changed, you’ll be able to access that information and use it in your communications. The end result is a customer that feels you have their best interest at heart.

Mobile CRM apps like Pipedrive help your sales team stay connected while on-the-go.

Easily accessible product information

We’re not machines and no one expects us to be. Although you can (and should) memorize the major selling points of your product, sometimes there’s no way to fit it all in your head. Human memory is notoriously unreliable.

A better approach would be to commit the important parts of your product to memory and rely on your CRM app to supply the rest. That way, you can quickly answer the most pressing questions from your prospect and access your mobile CRM app when you need to get more detailed information.

The end result is that you can focus on closing deals and refilling pipeline without getting lost in the minute details.

Shorter sales cycle

Part of the reason for a longer sales cycle is having to reschedule meetings or calls because you’re unable to access information when it’s needed. This is less than ideal, especially when your prospects expect you to be knowledgeable in all aspects of your product.

A mobile CRM circumvents this limitation and gives you the information you need no matter where you are.

Imagine you’ve got a hot lead you’ve been working on for weeks or even months. They call you out of the blue and tell you they’re ready to close the deal but want a quick rundown of everything you’ve discussed and the terms outlined.

There’s just one issue. You finished a meeting with another client a few minutes ago and are far from the office. If you don’t have a mobile CRM, you might have to tell them you’ll call them back in a few hours or email the information later.

With a mobile CRM app, you can call back in a few minutes. Before the call, open your app, pull up their contact information, note any deals or discounts you’ve promised, and call them back to close the deal.

This is one example of the many ways mobile CRM apps improve productivity and shorten the sales cycle.

Increased CRM adoption rate

Even though the benefits of CRM systems are clear, the average adoption rate across all industries is hovering at 47%.

Part of this is because CRM systems can be clunky. There are many legacy providers with poor user interfaces. CRMs like Monday are bucking this trend and creating interfaces that are a joy to use.

In contrast to the desktop versions, mobile CRM apps are intentionally bare bones and focus on ease of use. Many people find this easier to manage and, as a result, use them more often.

Another reason it increases CRM adoption rate is that it’s possible to access and update your information from multiple devices.

In the end, the productivity gains of CRM apps are transferred across your entire organization, which positively affects your bottom line.


Mobile CRMs are on the rise but not all of them are created equally. There are a few key features that separate the best mobile CRM apps from the ones that’ll hurt rather than help your productivity. The right ones will have a marked impact on many aspects of your organization. Take the time to research any CRM you’re looking into so you can experience the productivity gains outlined in this article.

In the end, it’s using a tool that helps you do your job better. Whichever solution does that is the best one for you.

Let us know what you think about mobile CRM apps in the comments below.

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