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flag Manage relationships, projects & payments
  • Easy to use custom step-by-step workflows

  • Custom branding: Colors, imagery & logos

  • Integrations with top business tools

  • 95% of members feel more organized

Pros & Cons

  • Send contracts and proposals from within the platform
  • Automated reminders, appointment requests, and more for clients
  • Concierge onboarding for new customers to ease the transition from another tool
  • Robust training library and knowledge base
  • Analytics are fairly basic
  • Internal automation is relatively unsophisticated

Plans & Pricing

HoneyBook offers three plans, each with a 7-day free trial (no credit card required) and account set-up assistance.

HoneyBook Starter 

The starter plan costs $16/mo and includes everything you need to create great client experiences.

What’s included: Unlimited clients and projects, invoices and payments, proposals and contracts, calendar, all professional templates, client portal and basic reports.

HoneyBook Essentials

The starter plan costs $32/mo and is designed to help your business grow with added productivity and automation tools.

What’s included: Everything in the starter plan plus a scheduler, automations, QuickBooks Online integration, expense management, profit and loss, and standard reports.

This plan can be used by up to 2 team members.

HoneyBook Premium

The premium plan costs $66/mo and helps you scale up your business with priority support for your whole team.

Includes all Essentials features, plus: Unlimited team members, priority support, multiple companies, onboarding specialist, and advanced reports – coming soon.



HoneyBook is the business management and CRM platform to manage all your client interactions in one place. Founded in 2014, this client flow platform is focused on empowering independent small business service providers, or businesses with 2-15 employees.

It’s a solution that makes business easier for creative entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries, such as event venues and planners, catering, photographers, consultants, web designers, marketing professionals, writers, coaches, and more.

It has largely accomplished that goal by building a platform with robust functionality without compromising on simplicity.

They currently offer a 7-day free trial for new users to explore its features and capabilities. This includes sending contracts, automated reminders, and invoicing tools.


  • "Price"
    10 /10
  • "Features"
    9 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    8 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    9 /10

Features and Functionality

HoneyBook is a feature-rich CRM platform that’s tailored to the needs of creative entrepreneurs who provide services as opposed to products.

You can perform many mission-critical activities such as send out proposals and track interactions with them, use a customized client portal, manage your business with a mobile app, and even processing payments with the platform. The cloud deployment means it’s accessible at any time from anywhere.

All-in-One ClientFlow Platform

HoneyBook organizes all your client information and projects seamlessly, accommodating an unlimited number of clients and projects. Track the progress of each project from start to finish with the project pipeline feature and manage leads efficiently through contact forms that integrate directly with your website and Gmail. Simplify transactions with features for invoicing and online payments, and handle legal formalities by collecting e-signatures on contracts and forms.

Enhance your service offerings with brochures, pricing guides, and customizable proposals that combine contracts and payments into a single process. Allow clients to easily select and book services, and use forms and questionnaires to gather essential client information in one place.

A dedicated client portal and synchronized calendar enhance client engagement and organizational efficiency. With HoneyBook’s mobile apps for iOS and Android, manage your business on the go, ensuring you’re always connected to your clients and projects.


HoneyBook’s scheduler enhances appointment management by enabling clients to book and pay for sessions online while automatically handling confirmations, reminders, and notifications. The round robin feature efficiently distributes client sessions among team members, optimizing team availability and workload. This streamlined process ensures smooth operations and improves client engagement.

Lead tracking and management

HoneyBook gives you the ability to see where your leads are coming from which helps you double down on the channels that are working. You can even determine if a channel is producing leads that don’t turn into customers. Once a lead signs up, you can manage bookings, communications, organize signed contracts or send proposals, and more.


The platform also has the ability to set up automated workflows to keep you on top of client communication and the necessary tasks that need to get done. Create automatic reminders, build task lists for projects, automate processes such as appointment requests, follow-ups, and thank yous.

Contracts and fast scheduling

HoneyBook has a number of contract templates that you can customize to fit your needs. These are easy-to-use, ready-to-sign-in online contracts. Once you’ve tweaked them to match your situation, you can send them to clients directly from your account. Track when clients have looked at the contract and, since it supports electronic signing, you’ll know exactly when the deal has been sealed.

Professional payments and invoicing

HoneyBook simplifies payment processes with flexible scheduling, recurring invoicing, and automatic reminders. Clients can opt for autopay, benefit from instant deposits, and make payments through major credit/debit cards or ACH transfers. The system also offers discounts, allows tipping, and includes fraud monitoring and dispute management to ensure secure and convenient transactions.

The software also has an invoicing system that can be connected to proposals and signed contracts to create a seamless experience. You’ll be able to view all paid and pending invoices in your dashboard and take action accordingly.

Ease of Use

The CRM is pretty easy to use, but due to the nature of the application, it can take time to understand at first because of all the features.

It combines the functionality of multiple tools into one so it takes a bit of getting used to. With that being said, it’s not difficult to understand how to use the application. When you first sign up, the team will help you set up your account and walk you through the major features so you don’t get lost.

The dashboard shows major menu items such as projects, tasks, invoices, a calendar, and more so you can quickly perform the most important tasks or check your business’ health.

Contacts & Users

HoneyBook gives you the ability to add clients to your account in multiple ways. If you’re coming from a different solution, you can export your contacts from there and upload them via a CSV file. You also have the option of adding them manually, when you’re creating a project, or capturing them from your website with a form built in HoneyBook.

Additionally, you can connect platforms like Facebook and Zapier to route leads directly into your database and start following up with them. You can customize the information you collect from contacts and add private notes to keep track of interactions.

The sales pipeline features are organized under the project section of the application. You’re able to customize the stage to suit your needs and add as many as needed. There are a few stages that cannot be changed or deleted because they’re updated automatically by client actions such as signing a contract or paying an invoice. If you’ve used a different CRM with a sales focus then you’ll be familiar with the way pipelines work in HoneyBook.

Reporting & Integrations

HoneyBook’s reporting tools enhance financial oversight with comprehensive features. You can track payment statuses and expenses to manage cash flow effectively and optimize tax deductions.

Gain insights into your financial health through profit and loss summaries, and access detailed reports for a deeper analysis of your business performance. 

HoneyBook gives you insights at various stages of the sales pipeline. It starts by showing you where leads were generated and how many. Drill down further to see the value of projects attributed to different lead sources. This lets you know your best channels so you can focus on them. It’ll also show the conversion rate and time to booked broken down by lead source.

It also has a monthly report that shows you the total number of booked projects, the number of files or proposals you sent, and your conversion rate. You can get more granular and see the value of projects booked, payments collected, and payments outstanding. Unfortunately, you’re unable to customize the default reports provided.


On the integration side, it has direct connections to Zapier, QuickBooks, Calendly, Gmail, Zoom, and a few other solutions. It doesn’t have an accessible API, but many of the integrations are used to make it easier to automate simple tasks or import data into HoneyBook.

Customer support

The consensus is clear. HoneyBook has a great support team that answers enquires quickly and with clear expertise. Most issues can be resolved with an article available in their support portal but if that’s not an option, they have chat support available for a good portion of the day.

  • Phone Support
    It’s available throughout the week but it’s only for billing issues.
  • Live Online Chat
    Live chat is available from 6 AM to 6 PM PST on weekdays and 8 AM to 5 PM on weekends.
  • Email
    Email support is available from 6 AM to 6 PM PST.
  • Video Tutorials
    There are many video tutorials available through the official support portal as well as on YouTube.
  • FAQ
    It has multiple FAQs on key website pages.
  • Community Forum
    It maintains a forum that’s available for customers and non-customers that provides networking opportunities.
  • Blog
    It has a well-maintained blog that shares company updates, customer success stories, and business tips.

Final Word

HoneyBook is a great CRM platform to manage relationships with clients, generate leads, and ensure you get paid on time. There’s a clear focus on freelancers and service-oriented small businesses, and this is shown in its straightforward interface.

Because of the many features, it can take time to become proficient with the platform, but you have a robust support system of experts, blogs, and education avenues to get you going.

Build out custom workflows, create pipelines that match your business needs, create, send, and manage contracts, and even collect payments directly from your invoices.

It has a low price point and it’s a terrific solution for its target market.

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