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Why You Need Live Chat for Business

Daniel Ndukwu 05/20/19 | | 5 Comments

It’s hard to visit a handful of websites without seeing a little chat icon in the bottom right or left corner of the page demanding your attention. Live chat for business has exploded and for good reason: it works. The best live chat software allows...

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The 7 Biggest CRM Trends for 2019

Alicia Schneider 01/03/19 | | 5 Comments

As a new year kicks off, countless companies are desperately searching for the latest in CRM trends of 2019. This is quite a recent development, with CRM technology only recently moving from the niche CRM industry itself and onto everyone’s radar. You needn’t be a...

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CRM Metrics to Measure Success

Ethan Willse 12/13/18 | | 5 Comments

Apart from streamlining your business processes, CRM systems provide you with a wealth of data known as CRM metrics. Why are these metrics vital your company’s bottom line? They help you measure CRM success and the performance of different business units. You can use this...

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Santa’s CRM is Coming to Town

Alicia Schneider 12/03/18 | | 5 Comments

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he’s more prepared than ever before. In 2018, Santa has learned that the only way to achieve holiday campaign success is to let a CRM handle the list-checking, sleigh-planning, toy management, and everything else. We’re pretty certain that...

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Organize Your Black Friday Promotion & Outsmart Large Retailers

Pavel Aramyan 11/06/18 | | 5 Comments

As the holiday season is approaching, it seems that all the retailers around the world are ready to come together with one ultimate goal: beating Amazon. The online giant accounted for over 50% of all internet deals in 2017. While bringing down the biggest industry...

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10 Steps to Building a Successful CRM Strategy

Darren Gordon 09/13/18 | | 5 Comments

CRM is more than just software. It is an essential tool which helps your business in establishing loyal and trusted relationships with your clients. It was found that CRM increases the revenue by 41% per salesperson on average. Despite being such an important tool, a...

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Streamline Your Sales Funnel with CRM

Darren Gordon 01/02/18 | | 5 Comments

The sales funnel is a vivid word picture that describes the sales process. The metaphor alludes to a real-world funnel that is widest at the top and gradually tapers down. This is similar to the potential customer journey as they move towards becoming actual buyers....

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